Bingo Games For Money: Fast Cash Vs. Entertainment

Bingo Games For Money

Bingo games for money can make it deceptively simple to lose sight of what makes the game enjoyable at all. Claiming a big prize on basically chance alone – and maybe gaming the odds by being strategic about the volume of cards you buy – offers the hard-to-match thrill of luck being “on your side” for one perfectly aligned instant. But should that really be anyone’s driving motivation to watch 100 cards at once and live or die with every number called?

In the end, do serious “big money” players siphon off perhaps just a little bit of fun and entertainment from each game?

The “Return To Player” Factor

Think about Bingo games for money for a moment strictly in terms of the magnitude of their payouts. Specifically, let’s lay it out in black and white in terms of the bare Return to Player (RTP) rating.

More than almost any other measurement, RTP lays out just how monetarily “worth it” any game is to an “in it for the money” player based strictly on comparing the amount spent to play to how much money anybody could expect to win. It’s generally laid out as a percentage suggesting how much of the cost of playing could realistically be recouped over hundreds of thousands of games or bets.

To provide a baseline, online slots average about a 94% RTP, while some countries’ national lotteries’ RTPs barely top 50%. Bingo games for money are tricky to quantify in advance for three important reasons:

  1. Differing and fluctuating progressive jackpots make potential winnings for any game hard to nail down.
  2. Every game ultimately has a winner, no matter how many cards it sells.
  3. Guaranteed jackpot games eliminate the relevance of the amount spent on tickets to how much money is awarded.

Heavy depositors actually have the most to lose at almost any given time. Assuming the Bingo game for money has an RTP anywhere below 100%, they only stand to lose more the more money the spend for every game they don’t win. Keep in mind, whatever the RTP, it doesn’t even remotely suggest that every player gets back that percentage of their stakes. On the contrary, it just means that the combined RTP, including winnings and initial deposits, gets paid out in prizes.

In the end, Bingo games for money don’t offer an RTP remotely near what slots, for example, offer. There is one catch, though: a ticket for a single prolonged Bingo game for money offers considerably more entertainment value than a single pull of the slot lever.

The Entertainment Factor

That’s Bingo for you, however. At the end of every game, it comes down to whether or not you had fun, whether you play online for real money or shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers in a Bingo hall on a quiet night.

The possibility of a surprise big win certainly offers a thrill. That jackpot is a gratifying message to some that the Universe really is on their side and felt they deserved a wellspring of sudden, one-time good fortune. Depositing an obscene amount upfront just makes it more frustrating and depressing when you come away maybe having had some fun but empty-handed nonetheless.

Think of it this way: any site offering Bingo games for money as listed on  has some serious overhead to cover. There are hosting fees, programming, maintenance, taxes, paying administrators to keep it up and running, software licenses, and countless more costs. The amount up for grabs in prizes is considerably less than what players are paying to play because so much goes into just “keeping the lights on”.

If you still plan to sink a lot of money into Bingo and stick with it, combinations of deposit bonuses, free Bingo for real money and penny Bingo can all significantly stretch your investment and your entertainment value per game at once, depending on how many cards you’re playing between how many games. Obviously, the more cards you play at once, the greater your odds of striking a jackpot on a card you can have fun watching all the way through the game.

Most importantly, take your winnings out immediately if you do win a big game. From there, stick with the original budget. Along the way, chat and just have a good time while it lasts. After all, bingo is just a game, so spend your money wisely.

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