Jigsa Williams from Seattle Finally Showed up to Claim to $20,000 Mega Millions Prize

Mega Millions is back again with a major announcement about a woman from Seattle who took too long to show up. Despite the long wait, the player has finally made an appearance to claim her $20,000 prize money.

The Wait is over

For Mega Millions, it was a long wait as the player had not shown up to claim her prize despite winning it back in early August.

This was a huge matter of concern as the Mega Millions lottery wants every player to claim their prize before it expires.

The Mega Millions officials had hoped the same would happen this time but the player took longer than expected to claim her prize.

Jigsa Williams Finally Claimed her Prize

Finally, Jigsa Williams showed up to claim her prize money and the officials were delighted to receive her. Williams is from Seattle and had won prize money worth $20,000 playing the Mega Millions game.

As per Williams, she had completely forgotten about her ticket so she did not know she had won prize money. Finally, one of her friends reminded her of the tickets and she checked them to realize they were for $20,000.

August 2 Draw

The draw Jigsa Williams had participated in was held on August 2. The winning numbers for the draw were 69-64-29-5-2 and the Megaball was 18.

Apart from the winning numbers, the draw had a megaplier for the particular draw was 3X. Jigsaw Williams had two tickets on her with the same numbers.

Both her tickets ended up winning her $10,000 matching 4 balls and the megaball. This helped Jigsaw win $20,000 worth of prize money in total.

Jigsa Williams Never Played Mega Millions

Jigsa Williams told the lottery officials that one of her friends from New York had visited her back in August. He is very fond of playing lottery games be it an online lottery or a manual one.

He convinced her to buy a few Mega Millions tickets with her, so she went ahead with that. She bought two tickets with the same numbers and they helped her win $20,000.

Jigsa Williams told the officials she intends to continue playing Mega Millions in the future and no other.

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